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The hottest check-in spots on the East Coast

Hualien Chapter

With the breeze coming from the sea, we embark on a journey to Hua-tung, where the coastline of Eastern Taiwan is always fascinating. This time, we come to Hualien, where the wavy rice fields stretch out to meet the sea, and the sea waves splash against the sea caves. With an itinerary planned based on the hottest check-in spots, we visit the most unique places of the East Coast, allowing the healing scenery to impress us on our journey.
  • Shitiwan Terrace Paddies

    Shitiwan Terrace Paddies

    The waves of golden rice fields embrace the bay.

    By Provincial Highway 11, not far from Shitiping, the classic attraction in Hualien, a magnificent view beyond your imagination will appear before you when it’s the rice is ripe for harvest. With the boundless sea as the background, the fields are like a stunning painting of saturated colors when the rice is bearing ears. Before that, you can see the green rice plants swaying gently with the sea breeze, which also is a scene of rare beauty.

    No.118, Shitiwan, Gangkou Village, Fengbin Township, Hualien County

    The ears of rice grow from June till November.

    Please respect farmers and do not enter terrace paddies.

    Do not litter.

  • Shimen Recreation Area

    Shimen Recreation Area

    Feels like you are in a majestic movie scene

    Going a little northward from Shiti Port, you will reach Shimen Recreation Area. Compared to Shitiping, Shimen is smaller, but it’s the top choice for people who want to avoid crowds and watch the sea quietly. There are all kinds of sea-eroded spectacles here, all of which are powerful and stunning to watch. In one of them, the sea waves splash against a sea cave in the shape of a “March” automobile. By applying your photography skill, pictures taken here at different times, angles, light, or at different levels of tide will yield one-of-a-kind picture that feel like movie scenes.

    60-km point on Provincial Highway 11, Fengbin Township, Hualien County

    Take note of the level of tide. Do not visit in bad weather.

  • Necklace Studio

    Necklace Studio

    A swing sways by the glittering seashore

    When it comes to the hottest check-in spot, you can’t miss the “Necklace Studio.” Located on the coast of Fengbin, the studio is filled with the aroma of coffee and provides a beautiful swing that faces the sea. Legend has it that an Amis warrior lost a necklace here while leaving for a battle, and from then on, this coast was glittering with beautiful light day and night. The studio was designed and built by the owners, three siblings. They also built a crescent-shaped swing, on which visitors can sway slowly while enjoying the beautiful views of the East Coast.

    No.53-1, Shitiping, Fengbin Township, Hualien County


    It is recommended to call first before visiting.

  • Xinshe Terrace Paddies

    Xinshe Terrace Paddies

    The perfect melody created by sea waves and rice waves.

    The Xinshe terrace paddies are the well-known “Sea Terrace Paddies.” Sea terrace paddies are full of charm no matter when you visit: any month and any season, during the time of rice seedling transplanting, before harvesting, or during fallow time. What people love most is the time before harvesting, when the plump rice ears swing with the sea breeze in the sun. When walking in the fields and looking at the Coastal Range and the Pacific Ocean in the distance, you will feel like you are part of the scenery and that you just can’t bear to leave.

    Xinshe Tribe, Fengbin Township, Hualien County. Near the 43.5-km point on Provincial Highway 11.

    The ears of rice grow from June till November.

    Please respect farmers and do not enter terrace paddies.

    Do not litter.

  • Dashibishan Trail

    Dashibishan Trail

    Climb high to overlook the breathtaking seascape

    Situated next to Jiqi Beach Park, Dashibishan Trail is truly a very friendly trail. When reaching the height, you can overlook the blue sea. That’s why this trail attracts so many people. Following the steps, it takes only about 15 minutes to get to the top. When you turn around, you will face the magnificent sea and the blue sky that seem to blend into each other. It is both breathtaking and healing.

    No.49, Gui’an, Fengbin Township, Hualien County. The entry is diagonally across the street.

    The trail consists entirely of steps that travel upward.

  • Shitiping


    See the most dazzling blue of Hua-tung.

    The coast of Shitiping is rich in ecological resources and is a good place for observing the intertidal zone, diving and rock fishing. The vast scenic area allows you to spend as much time as you like. Most visitors will walk along the shore to see the special landform of rocks, or climb up the 17-meter-high Cuesta to overlook the geological landscape of Shitiping and the magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean.

    65-km point on Provincial Highway 11, Fengbin Township, Hualien County

    Do not climb the Cuesta in bad weather.

  • Niushan Huting

    Niushan Huting

    Lush pasture and picturesque seascape.

    “Huting” refers to the green pasture in the Amis language. The Niushan (literally Cattle Mountain) in Shuilian, Hualien is the pasture where the Amis used to herd their cattle. As the habits and customs changed with time, there are no more cattle on the pasture. Instead, it is decorated with indigenous images so that visitors may have a taste of indigenous culture. You can sit on the meadow to admire the seascape and feel the cool sea breeze, or enter the restaurant to enjoy the local specialties. It’s one of the popular attractions on Provincial Highway 11.

    No. 39-5, Niushan, Shuilian Village, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County


    It is recommended to call first before visiting.

    The admission is NT$50 per person (can be deducted when making purchase).

    Free admission for those below 6 years of age or over 70 years of age. The locals of Shuilian are admitted for free.

  • Ocean Home • Wild Market in Yanliao

    Ocean Home • Wild Market in Yanliao

    Summer Hippie Festival

    It is not an overstatement to say that the Ocean Home • Wild Market held in Yanliao Beach in July is the most characteristic market in Taiwan. Handicraft artisans gather here from all over the country to set their booths next to the sea and share with the visitors the works that they painstakingly made. The Ocean Home • Wild Market will not let you down even if you are not buying anything particular. Hippies and freedom lovers should not miss it

    No.82, Fude, Yanliao Township, Hualien County

    It lasts for about a week in July

    It’s hard to find a parking space near the market. Please plan your transportation beforehand.

    The environment of the market needs to be maintained by all of us. Do not litter. Urinate and defecate only in the toilets.

    Say “No” to drugs and help to report them.

  • Qinbuzhizi Ancient Trail

    Qinbuzhizi Ancient Trail

    The Sky Trail expands the view.

    In ancient times, people had to tramp over mountains to get to the other villages. Now, though the transportation has been well developed, Qinbuzhizi Sky trail, the ancient trail on the cliff facing the sea, allows visitors to have the thrilling experience that the people had in the past. It takes a lot of courage to step on the transparent skywalk that travels around the mountainous cliff. How exciting and frightening it can get, and what a vast and breathtaking seascape you will find. You will find out for yourself when walking on the trail in person.

    41-km point on Provincial Highway 11, Fengbin Township, Hualien County, outside Xinfeng Tunnel.

    Please follow the traffic instructions to enter the scenic area.

    The admission is NT$50 per person (can be deducted when making purchase).

  • Shimen Twin Heart Stone

    Shimen Twin Heart Stone

    The romantic seascape that echoes the loving hearts.

    Compared to other attractions, the Twin Heart Stone located at Shimen Banshaojiao Recreation Area is less visited by people. Therefore, it means that visitors can often avoid crowds and enjoy their world of loving hearts in private. If you stroll along the meadow by the sea, you can’t miss this twin heart installation artwork. Embrace your lover and take a picture with the twin hearts in front of the swell of the sea to engrave the moment in your memories. Pledging eternal love in front of the mountain and the sea can be so sweet and pure.

    60-km point on Provincial Highway 11, Fengbin Township, Hualien County.