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Xiuguluan River Rafting Triathlon


Posted Date:2019-06-16




Xiuguluan River is the only river that originates from the eastern slope of the Central Mountain Range and cuts through the Coastal Range. Its downstream section travels eastward from Ruisui Township through Coastal Range to Laenno, Fengbin Township where it joins the Pacific Ocean. This section is approximately 21-km long; it is a winding course consisting of gorges, meandering streams, and fluvial terraces. Where it runs through the Amis Kiwit Tribe, there are gigantic bizarre-looking rocks scattered over the streambed below, creating the extraordinary scenery. With its abundant flow, the good quality pollution free water and the steep terrain, countless rapids and whirlpools are created along the way; it is extremely suitable for rafting all year round.

The development of rafting in Xiuguluan River began in 1981. Since 1988, the ECNSA Headquarters has been holding the Xiuguluan River Rafting Competition, which is the oldest and most iconic competition of the ECNSA. The competition takes place in early- or mid-June every year. In the beginning, it was just a rafting competition, but since 2009, it was transformed into Taiwan’s first triathlon combining rafting, running, and biking, called the “Xiuguluan River Rafting Triathlon.” The event includes a triathlon (rafting + running + biking), a duathlon (rafting + running) and a triathlon relay. The course consists of 11-km rafting, 12.6-km running, and 44-km biking, totaling 67.6 km. For those who love outdoor sports and challenges, “Xiuguluan River Rafting Triathlon” is a highly exciting game definitely worth trying.